Hi. I'm Galina. My birthday is on Feburary 23 and I live in California. I really like photography and anything related with art. The guitar and ukulele are fun to play but the sound of the violin just takes my breath away.Writing gets all of my hurt away. I am still figuring out myself. I like poetry and animals very much. I really like to help people smile too.

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I just made a cup of hot cocoa and my mom walked by me and had the “what the heck it’s 11pm and you’re going to get a sugary and hyper and not be able to sleep” look and I looked back and said “judge and you will be judged” and walked back into my room



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Whenever I watch myself speak, I wish everything I’d said had been a sentence shorter. Alex Turner (via noorehh)

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Animated Rainbow Nyan Cat